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Rendy Scott - In training

This 19-year-old Czech has a gorgeous, rock hard body that he has toned to perfection in the gym. His piercing blue eyes stare straight through the camera and right at you as he strokes that young, fit body and his hard, uncut cock. Rendy's well known for his work in the gay porn world, and now he's up close and personal, stripping and stroking until he cums... on your desktop! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 6.3, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Denis Reed - Uncut Hard

Denis Reed! This hottie with his surfer's build, sexy tan and smile looks like he belongs on the beaches of Hawaii with a longboard under his arm. But, Denis is far more at home on the gay porn sets where all of his fantasies come true. Denis is one of those pornstars with long-evity due to his rock-hard, talented cock and natural sex appeal. Now you can own your piece of him! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 7.5, FAIR, European

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Rafael Nadal
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Rafal Mackowiak
Rafal Mohr
Rafer Weigel
Raffaello Balzo
Rage Against the Machine
Raimund Wallisch
Rainer Grenkowitz
Rainer Schoenfelder
Rainer Schuttler
Rainer Weiner Fassbinder
Rainn Wilson
Ralf Bauer
Ralf Little
Ralf Schumacher
Ralph Cotterill
Ralph Fienes
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Macchio
Ralph Richardson
Ralph Waite
Rami Kashou
Rami Malek
Ramin Karmilo
Ramirez Allender
Ramon Aguirre
Ramon Cabrer
Ramon Novarro
Ramon Tikaram
Rande Gerber
Randolph Scott
Randy Barry from
Randy Becker
Randy Harrison
Randy Jones
Randy OConnell
Randy Orton
Randy Quaid
Randy Ritchwood
Randy Turner
Randy de Puniet
Raoul Bova
Raoul Julia
Raoul Santos
Raoul Trujillo
Raphael Barker
Raphael Personnaz
Raphael Poulain
Raphael Vogt
Raul Gazzola
Raul Julia
Raul Olivo
Raver Weigel
Ray Bolger
Ray Corrigan
Ray Danton
Ray Fearon
Ray Liotta
Ray McNeil
Ray Milland
Ray Romano
Ray Walston
Raymond Arquette
Raymond Bouchard
Raymond Britton
Raymond Burr
Raymond Massey
Raymond Winstone
Razaaq Adoti
Razvan Vasilescu
Reb Brown
Red Buttons
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Reece Dinsdale
Reece Shearsmith
Reg Livermore
Reg Vermue
Reggie Bush
Regis Philbin
Reichen Lehmkuhl
Reid Hutchins
Reid Mihalko
Reid Smith
Reinaldo Zavarce
Reino Nordin
Reinout Oerlemans
Rel Hunt
Remi Bresson
Remi Martin
Remo Vinzens
Remy Girard
Renan Mazeas
Renato Gaucho
Renato Pozzetto
Renato de Sonza
Renaud Carriere
Rene Gub
Rene Heinders-Dorff
Rene Highway
Rene Lavan
Rene Steinke
Reno Angelo
Renzo Lewis Jr
Reof Raggas
Reshad Strik
Rex Allen
Rex Brown
Rex Cherryman
Rex Harrison
Rex Smith
Reynaldo Gianecchini
Reynaldo Hahn
Reza Kianian
Rhys Ifans
Rhys Wakefield
Ric Lutze
Ricardo Abarca
Ricardo Baldin
Ricardo Bofil
Ricardo Ciccone
Ricardo Cortez
Ricardo Darin
Ricardo Fort
Ricardo Fuentes
Ricardo Meneses
Ricardo Montalban
Riccardo Marino
Richard Anderson
Richard Arlen
Richard Armitage
Richard Attenborough
Richard Benjamin
Richard Beymer
Richard Bohringer
Richard Boone
Richard Burton
Richard Carlson
Richard Chamberlain
Richard Cherry
Richard Chevolleau
Richard Conte
Richard Coyle
Richard Crenna
Richard Cromwell
Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dix
Richard Dreyfuss
Richard E Grant
Richard E Haywood
Richard Egan
Richard Fairbrass
Richard Farnsworth
Richard Gasquet
Richard Gere
Richard Gomez
Richard Greene
Richard Greico
Richard Grieco
Richard Groenendaal
Richard Guest
Richard Gutierrez
Richard Harris
Richard Hench
Richard Henders
Richard Hylton
Richard Jaeckel
Richard Jeni
Richard Jenkins
Richard Kiley
Richard Krajco
Richard Langin
Richard Leaf
Richard Lee Baney
Richard Lee Jackson
Richard Lintern
Richard Marin
Richard Moir
Richard Moll
Richard Morel
Richard Pace
Richard Quine
Richard Rodney Bennett
Richard Roundtree
Richard Rountree
Richard Roxburgh
Richard Schiff
Richard Smedley
Richard Steinmetz
Richard T Jones
Richard Thomas
Richard Todd
Richard Tyson
Richard Vernon
Richard Virenque
Richard Warwick
Richard Widmark
Richard Yniguez
Richaud Valls
Richie Stringini
Richy Muller
Rick Allen
Rick Derringer
Rick Gonzalez
Rick Negron
Rick Pasqualone
Rick Rizzo
Rick Rossovich
Rick Rude
Rick Ruhl
Rick Siccho
Rick Solomon
Rick Springer
Rick Springfield
Rick(y) Schroeder
Ricky Martin
Ricky Nelson
Ricky Schroeder
Ricky Tomlinson
Ricky Ullman
Ricky Whittle
Ricky Wilson
Rico Bezerra
Rider Storm
Rife Urquhart
Right Said Fred
Riker Twins
Riley Skinner
Riley Smith
Rio Reiser
Rip Torn
River Phoenix
Rob Ashton
Rob Casale
Rob Este
Rob Green
Rob Halford
Rob Lowe
Rob Morrow
Rob Nelson
Rob Reiner
Rob Schneider
Rob Sporrer
Rob Thomas
Rob Zombie
Robbie Benson
Robbie Coltrane
Robbie Magasiva
Robbie Revies
Robbie Rivers
Robbie Williams
Robby Benson
Robby Ginepri
Robert Aberdeen
Robert Alda
Robert Amstler
Robert Armstrong
Robert Arnold
Robert Ayres
Robert Beltran
Robert Benchley
Robert Bentley
Robert Benvenisti
Robert Blake
Robert Brouillette
Robert Burk
Robert Burke
Robert Carlyle
Robert Carmine
Robert Carradine
Robert Clarke
Robert Conrad
Robert Culp
Robert Cummings
Robert Davi
Robert David Hall
Robert De Niro
Robert Deniro
Robert Donat
Robert Downey Jr
Robert Drivas
Robert Duvall
Robert Englund
Robert Floyd
Robert Forster
Robert Foxworth
Robert Goulet
Robert Guillaume
Robert Gunner
Robert Harron
Robert Hays
Robert Helpmann
Robert Hines
Robert Hoffman
Robert Horton
Robert Keith
Robert Kerman
Robert Klegg
Robert Konjic
Robert L Newman
Robert La Tourneaux
Robert Lasardo
Robert Lee Jacobs
Robert Lepage
Robert Lindsay
Robert Loggia
Robert Lowery
Robert M Jimenez
Robert Mapplethorpe
Robert McRay
Robert Medford
Robert Milan
Robert Mitchum
Robert Montgomery
Robert Morley
Robert Morse
Robert Odeman
Robert Patrick
Robert Pattinson
Robert Perovich
Robert Pires
Robert Plant
Robert Plotkin
Robert Prescott
Robert Pughs
Robert Redford
Robert Reed
Robert Rusler
Robert Sean Leonard
Robert Seeliger
Robert Shaw
Robert Smeaton
Robert Stack
Robert Stadlober
Robert Taylor
Robert Towne
Robert Ulrich
Robert Urich
Robert Vaughn
Robert Vicktor Minich
Robert Wagner
Robert Webb
Robert Wieckiewicz
Roberto Begnini
Roberto Benigni
Roberto Bolle
Roberto Carlos
Roberto Enriquez
Roberto Farnesi
Roberto Urbino
Roberto Zibetti
Robin Askwith
Robin Brockway
Robin Dunne
Robin Harris
Robin Reid
Robin Renucci
Robin Thicke
Robin Williams
Robin van Persie
Robins Tchale Watchou
Robinson Diaz
Robinson Rodrigues
Robinson Stevenin
Robson Caetano
Robson Green
Rocco Papaleo
Rocco Siffredi
Rock Hudson
Rock Tell
Rockmond Dunbar
Rocky Marquette
Rod Ball
Rod Cameron
Rod Hopkins
Rod Jackson
Rod Steiger
Rod Stewart
Rod Taylor
Roddy Bottum
Roddy Mancuso
Roddy McDowall
Roddy McDowell
Rodel Velayo
Rodger Corser
Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney Hutton
Rodolfo Jimenez
Rodolfo Sancho
Rodrigo Garcia
Rodrigo Guirao Diaz
Rodrigo Hilbert
Rodrigo Santoro
Roef Ragas
Roger Casamajor
Roger Cicero
Roger Coma
Roger Daltrey
Roger Daltry
Roger Federer
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Herren
Roger Moore
Roger Mosley
Roger Rees
Roger Schauer
Roger Wilson
Rohan Smith
Rol Hauser
Rolf Peter Kahl
Romain Barras
Romain Bellion
Romain Bremond
Romain Duris
Romain Longuepe
Romain Torres
Romain Vessol
Roman Grekov
Roman Malco
Roman Novarro
Roman Roth
Romano Vasquez
Romany Malco
Romuald Lauret
Romulo Arantes Neto
Romulo Pires
Ron Eldard
Ron Ely
Ron Howard
Ron Jeremy
Ron Livingston
Ron Marquette
Ron Moody
Ron Nummi
Ron ONeal
Ron Palillo
Ron Perlman
Ron Silver
Ronald Colman
Ronald Magill
Ronald Reagan
Ronan Keating
Rory Calhoun
Rosa Von Praunheim
Roscoe Arbuckle
Ross Alexander
Ross Kemp
Ross Thomas
Rossano Brazzi
Rouxnet Brown
Rowan Atkinson
Roy Dupuis
Roy Keane
Roy Rogers
Roy Scheider
Roy Thinnes
Roy Winstone
Ruben Blades
Rubin Ochandiano
Rudiger Vogler
Rudolf Nureyev
Rudolph Nureyev
Rudolph Valentino
Rudy Ray Moore
Ruediger Volgler
Rufus Beck
Rufus Sewell
Rufus Wainwright
Rupert Evans
Rupert Everett
Rupert Graves
Rupert Grint
Rupert Penry-Jones
Russ Conway
Russell Brand
Russell Crowe
Russell Richardson
Russell Todd
Russell Wong
Rustom Padilla
Rusty Joiner
Rutger Hauer
Ryan Barry
Ryan Browning
Ryan Cabrera
Ryan Carnes
Ryan Culver
Ryan Daharsh
Ryan Giggs
Ryan Girdler
Ryan Gosling
Ryan James Bittle
Ryan Kwanten
Ryan LeBar
Ryan McGoldrick
Ryan McPartlin
Ryan ONeal
Ryan Opray
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Philippe
Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Rhodes
Ryan Ross
Ryan Scott Greene
Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Sutter
Ryan Tedder
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Wood
Ryder Strong
Ryk Neethling

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