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Rendy Scott - In training

This 19-year-old Czech has a gorgeous, rock hard body that he has toned to perfection in the gym. His piercing blue eyes stare straight through the camera and right at you as he strokes that young, fit body and his hard, uncut cock. Rendy's well known for his work in the gay porn world, and now he's up close and personal, stripping and stroking until he cums... on your desktop! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 6.3, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Denis Reed - Uncut Hard

Denis Reed! This hottie with his surfer's build, sexy tan and smile looks like he belongs on the beaches of Hawaii with a longboard under his arm. But, Denis is far more at home on the gay porn sets where all of his fantasies come true. Denis is one of those pornstars with long-evity due to his rock-hard, talented cock and natural sex appeal. Now you can own your piece of him! -- CZECH REPUBLIC, 7.5, FAIR, European

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Ciro Ferrara
Ciro Piscopo
Cisco Adler
Clancy Brown
Clark Gable
Clark Gregg
Claude Akins
Claude Berri
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Claude Oliver Rudolph
Claude Rains
Claude Vivier
Claudio Amendola
Claudio Santamaria
Clayton Norcross
Clayton Rohner

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